Health Professionals

The organisation collaborates with various health practitioners and wellness ambassadors who share a passion for holistic health. This allows us to support a diverse range of programs that offer valuable information and services in many different areas of health. Check out our current programs that we support here.

Ria Bess

Founder of Inspiring Wellness and Healthy Lifestyles

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Ria has over 10 years experience in the health and fitness industry. She has a Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology (Rehabilitation) and is a Massage and Dry Needling Therapist.

Ria is a firm believer that prevention is better than a cure. She started running health education seminars on how exercise can manage or treat chronic diseases. From then on her passion grew to where she wanted to share this on a wider scale.

Ria connected and networked with other quality health practitioners who she would refer her clients to in order to provide a holistic approach to her clients healthcare from a range of specialisations.

To this day she continues to collaborate and connect with health practitioners to create evidence based wellness programs and new initiatives in order to achieve her mission of inspiring wellness and healthy lifestyles.

Hope Spencer


Founder of The Positive Health Project & Inspiring Pink Space

Hope is an experienced Physiotherapist, Wellness Ambassador and Health Educator. She graduated with a Bachelor of Exercise Science in 2010, Masters of Physiotherapy in 2012 and recently a Graduate Diploma of Rehabilitation Science. Her vast knowledge base and experience, allows her to work in many different fields, including the public, private, aged care and community sectors.

Hope provides a holistic approach to her treatment, with a focus on exercise and education. She has a passion to help people improve their quality of life, by providing them with the skills and knowledge required to assist them learn how to better manage their health conditions.

The founder of The Positive Health Project, Hope has designed chronic disease management programs and educational workshops that she offers to the local community. These programs have an individual focus and provide realistic practical strategies on how to manage and/or treat your health condition.

Hope has a passion in raising awareness for chronic diseases, especially Breast Cancer. She is currently undergoing training to be a facilitator for the PINC Program, that provides individual rehabilitation sessions for women with Cancer.

As a founder of the Inspiring Pink Space, hosting the Macarthur Breast Cancer Wellness Expo, Hope shares our mission of inspiring wellness and healthy lifestyles for the local community.

Tara Lee

Yoga Teacher, Mind Body Therapist, Energy Medicine Practitioner

Founder of She Muses, Sacred Soul Space, Gen Zen Warriors + Three Little Blessings

Tara Lee is a Earth Mama, Social entrepreneur, Founder of Sacred Soul Space, Mind Body Therapist, Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and change making enthusiast.

Tara is wholehearted and passionate about holding & creating spaces for people to connect, rise and thrive beyond their pain, past & limiting beliefs. Through her work Tara is extremely passionate about shifting the shackles of trauma through self compassion, acceptance and self liberation.

Tara believes we are the change we’ve been looking for, and she honours the courage and vulnerability it takes to own all of who we each uniquely are. Tara transcends through her work pain into power and purpose, to assist people to own their pure potentiality. Her passion for working with people is to cultivate a belief of “you are your own hero” … in a space where science meets spirituality. All of this together is embedded in her belief of being the change we want to see in the world.

Tara’s work recognizes that our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes can affect our biological functioning. Just as what we eat, our posture, the way we move, even our relationships with other people and the environment can impact our mental, emotional and energetic and soul state. This is to say that every aspect of our life is in connection with one another.

A holistic approach to healing the psychological, spiritual, and physical. Tara’s work encompasses a wide range of methodologies – from holistic, humanistic, and somatic psychology to contemplative and eastern healing practices.  

Charmaine Newmark

Ecomumma Naturopath

Founder of Camden Wellness Expo

As a holistic Naturopath, wellness advocate and earth ambassador, Charmaine is passionate about guiding families to health by starting in the home. Through her blog @ecomumma_naturopath, she provides simple, efficient and accessible ways to live a healthy lifestyle.

Charmaine’s principle healing philosophy is “food is medicine”. She dedicates her research into the gut-brain connection and the importance of nourishing the nervous system for improved mental health and overall wellbeing.

With a love of cooking nourishing food for her family, she provides practical and economical tips to eating a well-balanced meal. Healthy living does not have to be complex nor expensive. Anyone can achieve it!

As the founder of the Camden Wellness Expo, Charmaine connects with other local health professionals bringing together the community for a day of wellness, education and inspiration.

Dr Claude Martinez

Counselor and Life Coach, Ph.D

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Practitioner

For over three decades Claude has been involved in the Mind, Body & Soul, health and well being development and in the areas of research and teaching.

He has had the opportunity of working in various health and adult educational settings and with this experience it has taught him to be consistent, focused, flexible and self-reliant.

These values have allowed him to empower others in reaching their specific goals in their life, as his understanding of life is that it is a dynamic process of constant change, and has allowed him to see various opportunities in challenging situations.

At the very core of his being he has come to greatly appreciate the power of gratitude.

His strength is his inner power to remain focused and he has an unshakable faith, in that, no matter how a situation presents itself, he has the ability to find a way to move in the direction of long, medium- and short-term Goals.

His greatest passion and the one universal truth he has for himself, is his deep love and devotion for sharing his knowledge and teaching others, which brings great joy and fulfillment to see others empower themselves and then go on to empower others.

For this reason, he has created a personal development Institute and works with other organisations that have the same objectives. As an Educator/Life coach/ Bio-energetic practitioner seeing people begin to view life from a self-reliant perspective gives him a profound sense of gratitude to all his mentors, and in his view it is a Divine Gift.

Melissa De Sousa

Founder of Treehome – A Place of Relaxation

Relaxation Advocate

Melissa’s passion for health and wellness has always been a prominent part of her lifestyle.

She is known as a relaxation advocate and runs her own blog called Treehome to promote the importance of relaxing mentally and physically.

She has a bachelor of communications and law and was a qualified lawyer but changed direction as she was more drawn to helping people with their health and wellness.

Melissa feels that helping people heal and take care of themselves brings her much fulfillment.