Mental Health Wisdom at Camden Civic Centre

By Melissa.

Ria and I attended an excellent presentation on mental health hosted by the Rotary Club of Camden last night at the Camden Civic Centre.

The highlights of this event included presentations from guest speakers who shared interesting and engaging wisdom. For instance, Ally Kelly, the CEO and founder of Mind Blank, provided a snapshot of the work that their not-for-profit organisation provides for communities, workplaces and schools.

Mind Blank showcased a theatrical performance that was interactive with the audience and showed the dynamics that often occur when a person develops mental health concerns. It provided insight to the possible scenarios surrounding a victim of mental health challenges.

The performance allowed observers to realise the impact that different relationships have on a person who is going through mental health issues. It also helped observers learn ways to reach out for help if they became a sufferer as well as ways to help a person who is suffering.

The organisation provides a unique way in educating a community and offers a wonderful platform to educate parents, teachers, young people, businesses and community members. If you are interested in booking their service or for more information, please go to

Another incredible presentation was by Stacey Copas who provided an inspiring talk on resilience. Stacey shared her personal story of evolving from a traumatic incident that she experienced at the age of 12. Her story helps others to realise how powerful the mindset is and how making choices to improve their life, is key.

She travels all over Australia as a speaker to help others shift their way of thinking and provides an abundant light of guidance to those who are struggling to deal with the many challenges that life can bring. For more information on Stacey please go to

The last keynote speaker was Lieutenant Colonel Riccardo Bosi who specialises in leadership development. With his extensive experience and skill in leadership, notably from serving in the Australian Army Special Forces, he also shares his authentic knowledge on defying post-traumatic stress disorder.

Riccardo addresses 5 areas being the physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual elements of a person’s wellbeing. He uses these elements to clarify the strategies that could be used to minimise the onset of post-traumatic stress disorder. For instance, a person who has suffered trauma can benefit from sharing their experiences with others who have experienced the same trauma or situation. For example, in the military these experiences are shared with their team.

Riccardo has an inspiring presence and a wealth of knowledge. If you would like to know more about Riccardo and his work in leadership development please go to

Thank you to Rotary Club of Camden and its supporters for hosting such an engaging night on an important topic. If you or someone you know is suffering with mental health please get in touch with professionals who can help such as Headspace – click the link for more information

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