The knowledge of hormones that all women and girls should know.

By Melissa.

Who would have thought that you could be blown away by a talk on hormones? Well, Ria and I certainly were after attending an event called The Hormone Factor by Dr. Libby.

We and the other 200+ women who listened to Dr. Libby walked out of this event with a deeper and more empowered awareness of our bodies. We learned about sex hormones, our liver, foods that rebalance them and most importantly the impact of stress. 

Most know that stress can cause many problems for our body but when you listen to a nutritional biochemistry expert who explains in detail how the stress causes problems, it makes you want to work on your thoughts and emotions immediately to conquer it. Dr. Libby explains how stress causes the imbalance of hormones which can then lead to infertility, severe pre-menstrual tension as well as cervical and ovarian issues. 

She also covers the foods that rebalances these hormones and emphasises the power behind vegetables that help you heal and function properly. It makes you conscious of the knowledge that just taking medication or having conventional medical treatment to treat issues, is not the best or only option. She explains how the body can heal these issues, as it is designed to when you give it the right environment to do so. Thus this could avoid unnecessary conventional medical treatment that could make irreversible changes to your life and for the sake of treating only the symptom.      

She highlights the progesterone hormone and informs us of its many positive benefits such as improving our mood and sleep. Dr. Libby also makes a compelling presentation about how to look after our mind and body so that our body can produce the right amount of this hormone, as well as the others so that we don’t suffer any pre-menstrual tension symptoms. For those who don’t know, your period is supposed to just show up without any of the pre-menstrual tension issues. This is also the case for menopause. If you do get pre-menstrual tension, it’s likely that your hormones are unbalanced. 

Despite Dr. Libby’s background in scientific research and all the lingo that can make this area of work complicated to comprehend, she has an incredible way of presenting this information that makes it so engaging and easy to understand. Her 20+ years of experience with working with clients and the immense amount of study and research, which includes 14 years at university, is seen through her passion and unlimited knowledge.  Dr. Libby has a PhD and is recognised internationally. She is the founder of a plant-based supplement range called Bio Blends and she has written several books that provide so much information to help you improve your health and life. 

If you are interested in seeing The Hormone Factor event in Sydney she does have another event on May 20. However, there are limited seats so be mindful that they book-out fast. She is also presenting in different states. If you would like to know more about her events, activities or books, please go to her website at 

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