A place for self-healing through mind and body awareness

By Ria and Melissa.

Soul Sanctum is a place of serenity, which is in the gorgeous town of Camden – the Wellness Hub of South-West Sydney. It’s a space that offers a variety of classes and therapeutic sessions to help you find balance and harmony.

We attended two classes, which included a one-on-one Restorative Therapy session and a group meditation.  

The Harmony Restorative Conditioning Practice is a one-on-one session with Grace Huang. Grace has been practicing yoga for almost 12 years and incorporates her knowledge of the movement of yoga asanas with the awareness of physical and inward challenges. She helps people work through these challenges by certain movements and verbal guidance to understand your own energy flow.

Grace encourages you to relax and breathe through every movement and pose. She provides consistent guidance for ways to adjust your body if you feel your muscles are struggling with a position. An aspect that she teaches, is the coordination of your whole body to support you in every movement in a relaxed way. For instance, if you were in a position that challenged your arms, she gently reminds you that the rest of the body is there to support you. This emphasises the need to listen to your body. Through this awareness you can learn to shift your weight across your legs, arms and torso, which prevents your arms from being strained from carrying all the weight. 

This restorative conditioning practice is a way you can move your body to promote self-healing. The session provides you with a new sense of awareness of your bodyโ€™s ability and teaches you how to respond to it in a nurturing way. These skills can be brought into your everyday life. They are simple, practical strategies and ways to reduce the stress on your body.

A perspective of this teaching is to learn to utilise the support of our whole body and surroundings in everything we do so that no single element of our life or body is carrying all the stress or the responsibility. This valuable piece of information is one of many aspects that could be drawn from the restorative therapy to help you bring more harmony into your life, both physically and mentally.

The meditation session was with Marlies Van Dijck who provides compassionate guidance for anyone wanting to learn inner stillness.  Her authentic presence helps you feel comfortable and relaxed as she assists the class in nurturing their mindset. Through her calming voice she provides guidance for relaxation techniques and ways to centre your focus.

The space that is used for these classes has a beautiful energy that is so supportive of the sessions in place. It is surrounded by huge crystals and gorgeous plants that enhance the atmosphere of wellness.

It was so lovely to experience the space at Soul Sanctum and the sessions by Grace and Marlies. Soul Sanctum also has other classes in pilates and yoga as well as therapy appointments like reiki and acupuncture. If you would like to try a session at Soul Sanctum, check out their website at www.soulsanctum.com.au for all the details and session times. 

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