A practical way to manage or treat your back pain

By Melissa and Ria.

Last Thursday night we attended an incredible information session by Hope Spencer who presented and educated us about what pain is and how chronic lower back pain can be prevented, managed and treated.

Hope Spencer is a physiotherapist who also specialises in exercise science. Her passion to help and heal people has motivated her to design evidence based programs that are educational, practical and affordable.

The free information evening was made up of a educational seminar and a practical component. Hope wanted us to have a feel for how the 5 week program would run and the opportunity to try it out. The practical exercise session included a mini circuit of functional body weight exercises that she prescribed at a range of levels, depending on the individuals fitness ability and level of pain. As we participated in the exercises, Hope was by our side gently adjusting each movement to ensure we were activating the appropriate muscles. Her attentive assistance to each of us made us feel cared for and supported even though we were in a group environment.

We also loved Hope’s mindset on the holistic approach to health, which is part of the education she provides in the program. This includes education on behaviour change and goal setting. So rather than just learning exercise techniques, Hope educates individuals on how to manage or treat their chronic back pain in a variety of practical ways. Most importantly this 5 week program has been designed to meet an individuals specific needs.

For anyone suffering hip, knee or chronic back pain we highly recommend participating in this program. Hope’s knowledge, experience and passion to help her patients with a holistic approach is quality healthcare.

Ask your GP for a physiotherapy referral to access this program for free. For more information, please see her website at www.theqolclinic.com.au

We are grateful to have Hope Spencer (The Quality of Life Clinic) as part of our support network of health practitioners, promoting health and the prevention of chronic diseases, and supporting our mission to inspire wellness and healthy lifestyles for our local community.

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