About Us

We are a health promotion charity, raising awareness for the prevention and management of chronic diseases in our local and online community.

Our mission is to inspire wellness and healthy and active lifestyles.

We do this by collaborating with quality health professionals and local health practitioners to design evidenced based activity programs and wellness initiatives that we can offer free to our members.

Wellness Programs and Events

We provide sponsorship and support to local health professionals to host fundraising events and assist run wellness programs for the local community.

These Educational Seminars and Wellness Programs run in line with the national Charitable fundraising events.

If you are a Health Professional and would like to be involved or have a Wellness Initiative where you would like our assistance, contact us.

Thank you to our Volunteers

We appreciate and thank our volunteers and sponsors.

Your donations, provision of services and/or facilities, and most importantly the time and effort you spend in sharing our mission, inspires us to do more for our community.